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William C. Burns, Jr. William C. Burns, Jr.
It was late summer, a time of colossal thunderstorms and splendid burgundy crimson sunsets... + 07.29
Nia Mitchell Nia Mitchell
My teeth are sharp as thorns ready to dig themselves into my pasty white skin... + 07.29
Shane Ridenour Shane Ridenour
Oil and canvas portraits and religious iconography...
Lyon Craft Lyon Craft
Gorey-esque illustrations of surreal trees...
Words From Underground Words From Underground
Poetry, thoughts, observations and revelations...
The Comtesse DeSpair The Comtesse DeSpair
She looked up to see the last traces of the dying sun flickering off the snowy crags...
Cactus Jack Cactus Jack
Growing up freaky. "In 1967 my mother introduced me to a soap-opera called Dark Shadows..."
Karasu The Museum of Modern Crime
"The unspoken imagination of the apocalypse nourishes the spirit of our time. " - KaRaSu

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July 29, 2001

If you have a minute, rate on horrorfind, a great topic-specific directory service. think of yahoo with the lights off. Just click the "rate it" link and remember... we're fragile.

Don't forget about the forums... post a band writeup, your darker thoughts, opinions or rants. Speaking of bands, that's a great place to get some exposure; if you're the type that like to expose yourself. It's an uphill battle getting a new (and subsequently empty) forum up to speed, so drop in and let everyone know you stopped by...

Keep the submissions coming... great stuff. And thanks for passing the url around; we're all about the reciprocal link thing, so drop us a line if you've linked to us.

It's been slow-going trying to get a (decent) chat room up. We're currently messing around with DreamChat (see login below left), but it's an image hog, and not the best on a Mac. So, if you know of a better one, drop us a line.

And again, sincere thanks to all our contributors and for the compliments on the site and content.

memento mori,

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